Flight FI684 on June 24 from Seattle has been cancelled. FI680 from Seattle has been delayed on June 23. Flights to and from Billund on June 24 have been delayed.

Last modified: 24.06.2017 00:22 GMT

Flight FI684 on June 24 from Seattle to Keflavik has been cancelled. Flight delay on June 23, flight FI680 from Seattle to Keflavik. On June 24 flights FI272/FI273 to and from Billund have been delayed due to technical reasons.

New departure times

All times are local

  • FI680 departing from Seattle at 19:30 - landing in Keflavik at 09:45 on June 24
  • FI272 departing from Keflavik at 09:55 - landing in Billund at 14:40
  • FI273 departing from Billund at 15:40 - landing in Keflavik at 16:30

Icelandair apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this disturbance.