The first jet


Icelandair were next to move forward, buying Iceland’s first jet. It was a Boeing 727-100C, and it arrived in 1967. The jet was specially fitted for the airline, and the passenger cabin was decorated with typical Icelandic scenes. It was named “Gullfaxi”, just like the company's previous flagships. The plane was a technological masterpiece; its passenger compartment could be made larger or smaller depending on how much freight had to be carried, making it an ideal choice for the company. However, the jet was not allowed to land at Reykjavík Airport, and Icelandair’s international flights were moved to Keflavík.

The Icelandic airlines prospered on international markets at this time. Flights to Greenland were added to the growing list of routes, and the first charter flights to holiday destinations were booked. Sun-seeking Icelanders flew to the Canary Islands in winter, and to Mallorca, Spain and other places in summer