Reorganisation of freight services


Cargo flights have always played an important role in Icelandair operations. When the company was established in 1973, a special cargo division was created that has since grown year by year. Freight is carried in special cargo aircraft as well as in the holds of passenger aircraft.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the cargo division formed a new subsidiary to attend to the construction of a freight handling centre at Keflavík, which opened in 2001. Icelandair Cargo now operates five B758-200 cargo aircraft that fly between 30 destinations in Europe and America.

The company is actively seeking to extend its presence in international freight markets, and has negotiated the lease or purchase of four new Airbus A330-200 freight aircraft that will be delivered in 2010-11. In 2005, Icelandair Cargo acquired Bluebird Cargo, which operates seven freight aeroplanes. Bluebird leases its planes to three clients: UPS, TNT and Al Italia