In-flight services


As passenger numbers increased, their needs had to be tended to during the journey. Flight times were long, even on domestic routes, and basic rations were not good enough for people who had chosen a luxury mode of travel. Women now had a role to play in the aviation world.

Sigrídur Gunnlaugsdóttir was the first air hostess appointed by Icelandair in 1946, creating great interest. When the next vacancy was advertised, six months later, 50 women applied. However, it was a difficult job, especially on international flights, when two hostesses had to serve dozens of passengers in difficult circumstances for hours at a time.

But the aircraft business was steeped in glamour and air hostesses, as they were then known, were highly respected. Kristín Snæhólm was a leading figure among the ladies, and she had a long career that stretched into the 1980s