Hamburg Airport

Code aéroport: HAM

Hamburg has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, connected by the Airport Plaza and the baggage claim area that extends through the lower levels of all three buildings.

Terminal 1 was completed in 2005 and is highly similar to Terminal 2 in terms of design and size. It has numerous energy and water saving features like rain water collection for use in restrooms and a ThermoLabyrinth, which uses ground temperature to help regulate the building's temperature and reduce loads on the air conditioning systems.

Airport information

Terminal principal: Departure: T1, Level 1, Arrival: T1, Level 0
Service d’escale: AHS
Enregistrement: 3 heures avant le départ. L’enregistrement à l’aéroport ferme 45 minutes avant départ pour les passagers ayant des bagages à enregistrer en soute et 35 minutes avant départ pour les passagers voyageant uniquement avec un bagage cabine. 


Hamburg Airport


Hamburg Business Lounge