11.06.2012 09:32

On Thursday 7th June, Icelandair began its new service from Akureyri to Keflavik connecting the North of Iceland to all the major Icelandair destinations across Europe and North America.


Customers booking flights with Icelandair can now check in luggage all the way to their destinations abroad, with four flights a weeks operating on: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays until 27th August and then twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays until 30th September.


It’s estimated that around 2,500 passengers will be flying via this route during the summer service, with foreign tourists making up the majority of passengers at around 80%.


Connections to major Icelandair destinations


Flights from Akureyri will depart at 14:30 and arrive in Keflavik at 15:20. The departures are well timed to connect with ongoing flights to numerous destinations in North America and Europe, including: Paris, London, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm and Oslo.

Akureyri – a new international destination

Commenting on Icelandair’s new route, chief executive Birkir Hólm Guðnason said:

"We are thrilled to include Akureyri as a new destination with connecting flights via Keflavik airport. The service to Akureyri opens up a new route for travelers from many other cities within our network of destinations. Akureyri’s listing on Icelandair’s booking services throughout the world, will bring this pearl of the North closer to foreign tourists and boost the travel industry in the North of Iceland".


Eric Björn Björgvinsson, Mayor of Akureyri, said that when the new service to Akureyri was announced in the fall, the news was welcomed as an important development in the tourist industry in Iceland, especially for Akureyri and the North. He said:


"It’s a very significant opportunity that Akureyri is now a visible destination for foreign tourists when booking with Icelandair, there are now great opportunities for further developments and marketing of the area".


Eric also emphasized that the new service from Akureyri to Keflavik Airport reduced the importance of Reykjavík Airport and its location in Vatnsmyri for domestic flights and air ambulance services.